How To Generate Blog Title Ideas In Seconds (Using AI)


If you are a copywriter or a blogger then you are differently no stranger to writer’s block. It happens to all of us but how you deal with it makes all the difference. You can use AI writers to generate blog title ideas in seconds. You might not be fully on board with AI writers helping you write the content but you might find it very useful to kickstart your creative process.


What is AI writer?

An AI writer is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to write text based on the information you supply it with. They are capable of writing many things including essays, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and much more.

But today we will focus on using an AI writer to generate some blog post ideas. We will take you through the process step by step, but first, you need to choose the AI writer you want to use.

Step 1: Choose the AI writer

Our website is dedicated to reviewing AI writers and helping you find the best option for you. Almost all AI writers offer some sort of free trial or a free plan, so make sure you read through our reviews and start the free trials which will ultimately help you decide on the software you want to stick with. For this example, we will be using Writesonic. You can get your free trial here!

Step 2: Find a template for blog post ideas

Once you sign up for a free trial Writesonic will let you use the template called AI article ideas (found under “Article And Blogs”)

The only thing required here is to specify a general topic of your blog post. Since TheAIGeek is about ai writers we will use that as a topic.

After choosing the topic “AI in Copywriting” you need the chose the number of outputs you want Writesonic to create. We chose 3 and these are the titles Writesonic has come up with.

  1. What Does AI Mean for Copywriters? A Quick Guide to AI and the Copywriting Industry
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Copywriting: The Pros and Cons of AI
  3. 10 AI Tools To Improve Your Copywriting

Step 3: Generate and save the ideas

The best way to use this feature is the create ideas in bulk, save them and then do your search analysis to generate the perfect title for your blog. Don’t forget to get creative here, you don’t have to just copy and paste the ideas! Generate as many ideas as you like and make your own according to the outputs writesonic has provided. This is a great way to keep you moving and rolling on with your creative process.

Create outlines

But of course, this isn’t the only thing an AI writer can do, far from it! Once you are set on the title and you want to move forward as quickly as possible, Writesonic can help you make an outline that will keep your readers reading! 🙂

There are multiple directions you can take your blog post in, and of course, every copywriter will write a different article for the same title. That’s why a good outline is so important. Writesonic will spit out 3 different outlines, which will help you get the ball going again. Not all of the subheadings will be on point course and that’s where you come in. Out of these 3 outlines, you can create your own, add or take away things, or rephrase or change the sequence! it’s all up to you.

Google docs like an editor

If you are using google docs editor for writing you will feel at home in Sonic editor, it’s just like google docs but you have AI when you need it. The point of this editor is to write on your own and if you get stuck on the way you engage the AI it will leave off at the place you got stuck at. You can keep this extra text the AI writes or craft your own from the idea you got reading it.

AI writers won’t take your creativity away, you just have to be creative with using it!

Write a conclusion

So now you generated your title, crafted your outline and wrote a blog post with Sonic editor. The only thing left is that conclusion, well Writesonic has you covered. You will find the “Conclusion Writer” template. Your job is to copy your entire blog post in there and writesonic will create a conclusion based on that.

The next paragraph will be a conclusion for this article copied and unedited from writesonic.


Most people are familiar with the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

To this day, Artificial Intelligence is still a landmark in the world of technology, but there has been little to no progress in developing an AI that can write content on its own. However, this is starting to change as AI writers are getting better and better.

AI writing is a great way to generate blog content efficiently. It gets better and better every day as more bloggers are using them. AI writers are quickly becoming a great option for anyone who is looking to improve their blog’s quality and unique content. But what exactly is AI writing and how does it work?

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