Free Product Name Generators (Powered by AI)

Source: Pixabay

With AI writers growing in popularity and expanding into all kinds of fields, we come across product name generators that are powered by AI. The main purpose of such software is to generate a unique name for your product based on the description of it. And as you probably already know there is a lot of companies offering that service for a fee. But are there any free ones? You bet! Lets find out what they can do for you!

Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI writer that provides some AI powered tools for free and among them you can find a name generator tool here! The process of getting a name is pretty straight and simple. You will find the “Name Generator” tool under the “Brainstorming Tools” section. After you get there you will have to describe your product, if you know what you are selling this shouldn’t be too hard. 

Make sure you give a really good description of your product and don’t forget to include the information about what the product does, who the target audience is,how it is different from the competitor products and any other information you can think of. The more information you provide the better the names Copy AI comes up with will be.

Free tools

In addition to free name generator tool Copy AI provides many others like:

Product Description Generator

Slogan Generator

Business Name Generator

Linkedin Headline Generator

And many more that you can find here!


Namch_k is another free tool that can help you generate an interesting product name. Unlike Copy AI the capabilities of this tool are far more limited. Rather than coming up with the name itself based on the product description, it requires you to provide a basic name (one word) and you will get a list of suggestions based on that.


Another interesting tool on the list is Namify. It lets you generate a product name based on at least 2 keywords you provide. So it’s a step up from Namech_k because it can provide you with a more accurate suggestion for your product or business. On top of that, you can choose a new domain extension or add more value to your brand’s identity with a complimentary logo for your brand.


All of these tools are great for generating a name for your product or for coming up with a slogan or business name. However, Copy AI is much better at providing a wider range of options, including more variations on the chosen name. If you are looking to generate a name quickly and easily, then Namch_k is the tool for you. But if you are looking for something more creative and unique, then Copy AI is the better option.

All of these tools provide you with a good starting point for generating an interesting product name. However, it’s always best to consult with a professional to ensure that the name you choose is legally safe and will accurately reflect your product or business.