Copy AI Review



Copy AI Pros :
✅Free plan
✅Easy to use interface
✅No credit card required

Copy AO Cons :
No plagiarism checker
No integrations with SEO tools


About Copy AI

CopyAI is a brand new tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to brainstorm and write the perfect copy for your ads, sales pages, social media updates, and pretty much anything else you need a copy for. Forget having to brainstorm and write yourself… leave it to the bots.

It has an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive templates and a lot of thought went into the design to make it as easy as possible to create your content. They also only provide high-quality output that you can compare to professional copywriters. It also has a number of unique features, including passive to active voice and tone changer.

Who is it for?

Businesses, as well as individuals, will benefit from using Copy AI. If you are looking to create high-quality, engaging content without any need for technical knowledge, Copy AI will help you out.. It is perfect for creating articles and blog posts, as well as social media content, product descriptions and so much more.

Does Copy AI offer a free trial?

Copy AI offers a free plan with 2k words per month as well as a 7-day Pro plan free trial.

The best part about their free trial is that it does not require a credit card, you can start writing for free here!

Is it expensive?

The pro plan starts at $37/month which can be used by up to 5 people. All of the 90+ copywriting tools are included in this plan as well as 25+ languages and a “Blog wizard tool” as well as some additional features. If you have a team or a friend that also needs an AI writing assistant, Copy AI is perfect for you since you can share it with 5 people.

Is it good for writing essays?

Generating an essay is incredibly simple. You put the info in, Copy AI churns it out. It’s useful for generating rough drafts or ideas for essays, hitting deadlines, or just writing about things you don’t really care much about.

Writing an essay can be hard. The first draft is a bit rough, and you may end up adding or deleting words as you go. But using the essay tool from Copy AI can make the process much easier. You can automate the essay writing process using this tool!

Is it good for writing emails?

Copy AI offers a few templates for writing emails, whether you are trying to craft a cold email, introduction, or event promotion… they got you covered. The only thing you have to do is to specify the main points you want to hit with the email, and what the purpose of it is and Copy AI will do its magic.

Is Copy AI good for SEO?

Copy AI is SEO friendly. You have a ton of tools and templates that will help you write an SEO optimized title, after that it will help you create your blog post outline with SEO optimized H2 titles and finally, it will generate a paragraph for each of those H2 titles.

You will surprise Google with your next long-form SEO-optimised article.

Can it write a book?

Yes, it absolutely can help you do that! It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically generate story plots and characters from raw data. There are plenty of presets that will help you write good and engaging stories. 

Does it check for plagiarism?

At this point it doesn’t have an integrated plagiarism checker.

Which languages does Copy AI support?

🇺🇸 English, 🇫🇷 French, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇧🇷 Portuguese, 🇩🇪 German, 🇮🇹 Italian, 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇷🇺 Russian, 🇵🇱 Polish, 🇩🇰 Danish, 🇨🇳 Chinese, 🇵🇹 Portuguese, 🇧🇬 Bulgarian, 🇨🇿 Czech, 🇬🇷 Greek, 🇪🇪 Estonian, 🇫🇮 Finnish, 🇭🇺 Hungarian, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇱🇹 Lithuanian, 🇱🇻 Latvian, 🇷🇴 Romanian, 🇸🇰 Slovak, 🇸🇮 Slovenian, 🇸🇪 Swedish

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