AI Writer (What it is and Why You Need It)


Have you been hearing lately about these “programs” that write text for you? Kids writing essays in a few minutes and writers coming up with the most creative stories in no time?

These people are most probably using an AI writer.

An AI writer is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to write text based on the information you supply it with. They are capable of writing many things including essays, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and much more.

If you have a job or assignment that requires you to write something rather than keep reading, it might make your life a lot easier!

Why do you need an AI writer?

An AI writer reduces your writing time by A LOT! If you do any type of creative work that requires you to write something, an AI writer will definitely help you out. The purpose of any “tool” is to make its user life easier, simple as that and the AI writer will live up to this statement. Every once in a while a creative block will kick in for all of us, everyone has their own way of dealing with this but an AI writer might change your routine. It will help you get over the bump with providing some ideas you can then work on and give them your own personal twist.

Don’t worry it wont replace you

While some AI writers are advanced enough to give you an option to fully take over your work from start to finish, you don’t have to use it that way. For example Jasper AI has something called a “Blog Post Recipe” that will give you an option to output every component of a blog post one by one. From topics, title ideas, introduction, outline, main paragraphs, and conclusion at the end. But this gives you an option to use each one of those individually. You can have a general topic in mind but you struggle with the title, in that case Jasper AI can give you a few title ideas you can choose from and then craft your own from those ideas. 

It can boost your productivity

AI writers optimize the text to its most readable format, therefore you can learn a lot by just observing what the software changes most often when writing a paragraph. I’m sure you will agree with me that every  once in a while you need to write a copy that requires you to gather facts, dates, events and you just have to google that and go through the facts one by one. Well AI writers know the facts, they will gather this for you, which will again save you a lot of time and remove this mundane editing task from your workflow.

How does an AI writer work?

AI uses its HUGE database to stitch together sentences by predicting the next best word for the previous one and still keeping the context.

Majority of today’s AI writers use the OpenAI  GPT-3 model which is basically an autoregressive language model.

Which is the right AI writer for me?

Right now there are many AI writers on the market, some very advanced and some very basic. To help you decide we crafted a list of top 10 AI writers of 2022 which you can find here!

Is AI content plagiarism free?

Most AI writers offer some form of plagiarism checker, while some offer it free of charge and others charge a little bit for its services. The whole point of AI writers is to generate original copies of the text but if you want to be 100% sure then use plagiarism checkers. If you are interested in which A writer includes plagiarism checkers you can take a look at our list of to 10 AI writers for 2022 or check individual reviews.

Can an AI writer write in multiple languages?

All AI writers write in multiple languages, some support more than others. You will find which languages they support in our individual reviews. So if you have a copy you need to write in some other language than english don’t worry, most probably AI writers have you covered.

Final Thoughts

AI writers will help you complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.It can be useful to both individuals and large organizations that need to produce a large amount of content as efficiently as possible. They will most definitely catch and remove errors or misspells in your text.

One thing to keep in mind, they can’t replace human creativity! You are still supposte do add your twist to the text with your own imagination and creativity that will spice up the text and make it stand out from all the others. 

Make sure to check out our list of top 10 ai writers for 2022. We rank them by value for money, features, and ease of use. This will help you decide what to choose. If you still aren’t sure which one to go for make sure to read our individual reviews of AI writers! Also we have links that give you a free trial for most AI writers, so there is really nothing to lose!

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