AI Writer vs Human (Can AI Really Replace Us)



The AI vs Human debate is not new. In fact, it has been going on for many years now. The difference now is that the pace of change is getting faster with every passing day; this, in turn, makes the AI vs human question even more pressing. If you have been following any news publication or watched any video lately, you would have come across many articles and videos debating the same subject. What about AI in writing, can an AI writer really replace a human?

What is an AI writer?    

An AI writer is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to write text based on the information you supply it with. They are capable of writing many things including essays, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and much more. With that being said it’s easy to see the advantage of using such software for your projects.

But seeing an AI writer in action a greater question arises …

Can an AI writer replace a human writer?

Are you telling me that all a blogger needs to do is come up with the article title and an AI writer will write an entire article for him? Well not really, AI writers can suggest titles of blog posts, all you need is a general direction of the topic 😀 

But don’t let that fool you! While an AI writer is an amazing tool that will help you write much faster and creative it definitely does not replace you, at least not at this point.

When working with AI writers you will come across some drawbacks as well, one of them is fact checking which you will have to do a lot of. AI writers can sometimes provide you with facts that aren’t really facts if you know what I mean. On top of those drawbacks there is still a thing called human creativity that AI just can’t reproduce .

Is AI writing still in beta phase?

AI writing is not in beta phase! AI writers are getting better everyday, of course they do have some drawbacks but they can do a lot at this point. You can try it yourself for free just check the list of our top 10 AI writers and start a free trial.

Are there any limitations of AI writing tools?

There are always pros and cons to everything and AI writers aren’t any different. They all still require human involvement. While AI writers are pretty advanced at this time, able to perform many different tasks they still require human involvement. They can still sometimes make composition mistakes or get the sentence structure wrong and it’s up to you to fix these mistakes. Many of the softwares still come with some quality concerns, plagiarism included! But most of the top AI writers fix this with plagiarism checkers.

Is AI writing the future of journalism?

One thing is for sure, AI will revolutionize journalism and make the job much easier!

Artificial intelligence is already playing a big role in journalism. AI assists journalists with research, fact-checking, and writing by doing some of the tedious work that is often done by humans. The technology is used for everything from identifying images to translating quotes. It can also be used to automate more complex tasks, like summarizing text for short articles.  AI replacing journalists is definitely a far-fetched fantasy. For now, though, AI is an important part of journalism that can make the process more efficient and accurate.


While AI is more involved in our daily tasks and can help us improve at our field of expertise it will not replace us (writers) anytime soon. AI writers can help you speed up your writing process or boost your creativity but it cannot fully replace your human touch.

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