Affordable Jasper AI Alternatives That Get The Job Done

Source: Pixabay

If you are looking for a good but affordable AI Writer you probably came across Jasper AI. Jasper AI is the software that started it all, they have built an amazing AI Writer, their marketing is one of a kind and everything about it is top notch. But if you go for boss mode (which includes google docs-like writer) it will cost you $59/month if you pay on the monthly basis. That can be a pretty high price if you are just starting out with your blog or you need to write a paper for your college assignment. 

That’s why we crafted a list of top 5 best Jasper AI alternatives that will get the job done but won’t leave you hungry at the end of the month! Thankfully we have alternatives starting at just $6/month and will get the job done!


Writesonic starts at just $12.67/month if you go for annual billing with the long form package which includes everything on the list! But if you want to pay month by month its only $19 which is an amazing price for what it offers. If you choose “good” quality you will get 47.500 words a month. You have more use cases than you actually need, anything you might want you will find within Writesonic.

Free trial is also available and it gets you 6.250 words. And you can access it here!

They offer a few different qualities, so depending on your need you would choose accordingly. Which quality you choose determines the number of words you get per month without the price changing. All qualities are $19 or $12.67/month, if you want more words the prices of course increases !

Premium Long-form = 19.000 words 

Good Long-form = 47.500 words 

Average Long-form = 95.000 words 

Economy Long-form = 190.000 words 

Article Forge

Article forge starts at $13/month if you choose annual billing and you get 25.000 words for that. If you want to pay month by month it will cost you $27/month. As always you have a free trial here! Before comiting I would recommend you give it a try, but Article Forge is really confident in the service they are offering so they have a “30-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee” going on.

This is what is says on their website : “We are confident that Article Forge will revolutionize how you generate and use content so we want to make sure that there is absolutely no risk for you to try Article Forge.

So, in addition to our 5 day free trial, we are also offering a no strings attached 30 day money back guarantee. If you use Article Forge to create less than ten articles and find that it doesn’t live up to your expectations just contact us and we’ll give you a no hassle, no questions asked refund!”

So there you go, another fantastic voice with nothing to lose!


Rytr starts at just $9/month which includes 100k characters but if you upgrade that plan you get unlimited characters for just $29/month. The GUI is not as polished as writesonic or jasper but it gets the job done. One of the most affordable ai writers on the market right now..

They also have a free plan available here! Rytr is one of the very few softwares that offers unlimited plan for such a low price, so even if you have large amounts of words to write Rytr can be a viable option for you.

The GUI here is again not as polished or pleasing as Writesonic for example but it gets the job done. It can write in 30+ languages and 20+ tones. Plagiarism checker is built, there are also plenty of use cases to help you craft whatever it is you are looking for!

Frase starts at $12/month if you pay annually if you require a lower number of articles frase might be what you are looking for. They have a paid free trial which is $1 for 5 days. Before you commit I would definitely give it a try here!


Copymatic starts at just $6/month if you pay annually and need only 15k words a month.If you increase that to 50.000 words it will cost you $19/month which is still a great price.  Its a great option for those who require a low number of words but high quality output. They offer a free trial so give that a try before you commit here! They have a credit card-free trial so that’s definitely a plus!

Copymatic also offers a WordPress plugin that lets you import articles to WordPress with just one click. If you require long form articles they have you covered, they offer a tool specially designed for long articles (1000+ words).


That basically concludes our list of top 5 best Jasper Ai alternatives. If you want to know more about each individual AI writer make sure you check our in depth reviews. If you are still not sure which one to get make sure you check out our list of  top 5 best AI writers of the year.