Machine Learning in Swift – Simple recommendation algorithm for Fitbit

Hi, this post is not a typical Deep Learning approach to a problem. Instead of this, it will show you, that sometimes simple data analysis can allow to write simple yet efficient algorithm. It will show you how to build a dynamic list of options driven by user behavior. Main idea is to recommend this option, which is most likely to be selected by user in particular moment. Sounds confusing? Let me explain it using an example. If you use apps like Fitbit or Endomondo for tracking your activity, you probably understand, how annoying is the process of choosing proper activity [...]

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Apple Create ML vs Kaggle is it really so good?

During recent WWDC Apple presented their newest tool called Create ML. As a ML enthusiast i was really impressed on what i’ve seen on dedicated session (703), so i thought it would be worth to investigate how powerful it really is. 1. Create ML in a nutshell (you can skip if you watched WWDC presentation). Create ML is a new framework designed to help developers easily and quickly build machine learning models using Swift and Xcode. As for now it is able to work with 3 types of data: images, text and tabular data. The workflow is really simple, you [...]

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Genetic Algorithms starter kit for Swift

Idea of GA is pretty simple, we are trying to “grow” solution, using natural selection mechanism, similar to one used by nature to create better live beings. Sounds easy? In fact it is easy, especially in Swift. Tip: aim of this post is not to introduce into the GA topic in general, so i can suggest to visit below sources to get some basic knowledge before going further (it will be much easier to understand what’s going on): Time to show some code. I decided to build some kind of simple starter kit with implementation of the simplest version [...]

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