AI Weekly 21 July 2018

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Imitation Learning Tutorial ICML 2018

Math insights for InfoGANs, VAEGANs, CycleGAN and more ( Generative adversarial networks papers )

UMAP Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Dimension Reduction | SciPy 2018 |


FOUNDATIONS OF MACHINE LEARNING – Understand the Concepts, Techniques and Mathematical Frameworks Used by Experts in Machine Learning

An Opinionated Introduction to AutoML and Neural Architecture Search

The Fourier Transform through the Lens of Gaussian Process Regression

How a Kalman filter works, in pictures


AutoGraph converts Python into TensorFlow graphs – in this post authors talk about a new TensorFlow feature called “AutoGraph”. AutoGraph converts Python code, including control flow, print() and other Python-native features, into pure TensorFlow graph code.


TherML: Thermodynamics of Machine Learning – in this work authors offer a framework for reasoning about a wide class of existing objectives in machine learning. They develop a formal correspondence between this work and thermodynamics and discuss its implications.

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