AI Weekly 18 August 2018

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Safety-first AI for autonomous data centre cooling and industrial control – in 2016, DeepMind jointly developed an AI-powered recommendation system to improve the energy efficiency of Google’s data centres. Now they’re taking this system to the next level: instead of human-implemented recommendations, AI system is directly controlling data centre cooling, while remaining under the expert supervision of data centre operators. This first-of-its-kind cloud-based control system is now safely delivering energy savings in multiple Google data centres.


TDLS: Principles of Riemannian Geometry in Neural Networks


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Neural ALU Implemented in x86 Assembly

TensorFlow 2.0 is coming!msg/announce/qXfsxr2sF-0/jHQ77dr3DAAJ


Academic Torrents – 27TB of research data, must have for all Data Scientists and Machine Learning Enthusiasts


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